Finally! A proven, time tested and evidence based, supportive way to become a confident & sensitive midwife.
What is The 'Sensitive Midwife Way' Approach?

It's a certification course that we've created to explore 'The Sensitive Midwife-Way' for midwives to fully understand and support the incredible ability of every woman to conceive, grow, birth and raise a healthy baby.

We were able to refine this approach every step of the way, when we taught this to other midwives who all had drastic and radical positive transformations.
It's a complete online training masterclass created by someone who knows what it's like to be working in an environment where everything is against what you stand for.

This is a digitally delivered class so you can enrol in the course from the comfort of your own home.

Explained in Easy-To-Understand Step-By-Step Detail...

(And Everything You Need To Know All In One Place!)
  • Digitally delivered class, access it on any device with internet
  • Step by step process and easy to follow along
  • No student left behind, get all the support you need
  • Perfect whether you're in public sector, private sector or independent practice
The Certified Sensitive Midwife Course is delivered digitally over the next 5 months.

If you want to:

+ get back in the driver's seat of your life by practising the real 'Sensitive Midwife-Way'

+ get the training & support you need to excel in your career

+ discover how to become a Confident Independent Practising midwife today

Then The Certified Sensitive Midwife Course is for you.

Here is a recap of everything you are going to get right now during this special...
  • The Certified Sensitive Midwife Course (R14,500.00 Value)
  • Bonus #1 - Sensitive Midwife Manual - an amazing resource you can keep for life. (Valued at R10,000+ Yours Free)
  • Bonus #2 - Practical Handouts for Moms (Valued at R3,000 Yours Free)
  • Bonus #3 - Personalised Coaching with an hour LIVE Q&A session every week during the 20 weeks duration of the course. (Valued at R20,000+ Yours Free)
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The Certified Sensitive Midwife Course
(R14,500.00 Value) For Just R8,500
MODULE ONE: Holistic pre-conceptual and antenatal education, care, and risk detection and management.
  • Session 1: Objectives of the Certified Sensitive Midwife Course; Sensitive Midwifery Practice Standards; Overview of the midwife's competencies and scope of practice: International Confederation of Midwives (ICM)
  • Session 2: The importance of the midwife having a holistic approach; Self-awareness as a midwifery tool; The concept of individuality; Mind-body power for wellness, wisdom and success; Understanding the individual is key
  • Session 3: Anatomy, physiology and endocrinology of pregnancy; Advocacy and health educational role in the preconceptual phase and pregnancy; How the midwife builds maternal trust and confidence; Perineum preparation and massage; The midwife's clinical antenatal care – pregnancy assessments, routine investigations, risk detection; How the midwife encourages maternal trust in physiological processes at the end of pregnancy; Risk and need-to-refer identification in all stages of pregnancy
  • Session 4: Holistic midwifery advice for pregnancy niggles and complications; Hand out to the women in your care
MODULE TWO: An in-depth study of physiological labour and birth, and risk detection and management.
  • Session 1: Theoretical foundation of and evidence for physiological birth; Reflections about and history of 'The Midwife Way'; Midwives as pivotal to woman-centred, physiological birthing
  • Session 2: Understanding the anatomy, physiology and endocrinology of birth; Benefits of physiological birth for Mother, Baby, midwife and society; Updated WHO Maternal and Infant Health Guidelines (2018); Understanding the onset and latent stage of labour
  • Session 3: Understanding and midwife monitoring of the active first and transition stages of physiological labour; Understanding the second stage of physiological labour
  • Session 4: Understanding the third and fourth stages of physiological labour; How to make labour and birth care more woman-centred and individual; The microbiome; Risks and disadvantages of non-physiological birth methods
MODULE THREE: Midwifery management of adverse events and complications during pregnancy, labour and birth (up to six hours post-birth).
  • Session 1: The midwife way of dealing with complications and adverse events
  • Session 2: Preterm labour and post-term labour; Adverse effects caused by medical pain relief; Understanding and detecting slow progress of labour; Understanding and application of the Ps of labour; Managing posterior and other non-standard positions; Understanding and detecting fetal distress
  • Session 3: Midwifery techniques for managing more complicated labour and birth circumstances
  • Session 4: Safe practice of Vaginal Birth After C-section (VBAC); Midwifery prevention and treatment of postpartum haemorrhage (PPH); Basic neonatal resuscitation for midwives; Early initiation of breastfeeding after a complicated birth; Supporting mothers after complicated birth and loss
MODULE FOUR: Holistic postnatal mother and baby hospital and home care, breastfeeding support, and risk detection and management (from six hours to six weeks post-birth).
  • Session 1: Evidence-based harnessing of mother and infant physiology for best outcomes; How to achieve, and the outcomes of, natural postnatal care; Successful breastfeeding start-up
  • Session 2: Surprising things about newborns that mothers need to know; Physiological jaundice – midwifery and clinical care; Best evidence-based care of newborn skin and treatment tips for common ailments
  • Session 3: Emotional and physical development and needs of babies; Understanding baby sleep; Understanding a baby's digestive system; Understanding and midwifery management of hiccups, colic and reflux; A six-week plan to help the new mother and baby
  • Session 4: Unexpected postnatal maternal phenomena; Improving maternal recovery and bonding after C-section; Midwifery understanding of, and support for, the mother with early 'baby blues'
MODULE FIVE: Holistic clinic and independent practice education, support and care of the mother and baby (from six weeks to six months post-birth).
  • Session 1: Understanding how midwifery care in this period impacts the future; Development of Baby from six weeks to six months; Baby sleep patterns, problems and solutions in this period
  • Session 2: Midwifery advice for common digestive disorders like gastric-oesophageal reflux, constipation, diarrhoea and vomiting; Evaluating and treating excess mucus in babies; Skin conditions and successful solutions
  • Session 3: Dealing well with teething troubles; Continued breastfeeding (exclusive breastfeeding for six months; frequent and night breastfeeding; weaning a baby); Understanding and supporting adjustment to motherhood
  • Session 4: Understanding family dynamics and couple relationship challenges; Risk detection in the period from six weeks to six months (baby weight gain; assessing individual wellbeing; detecting shaken baby syndrome); Understanding tactile defensiveness and baby massage
What other Certified Sensitive Midwives have to say:
It was incredibly enriching and empowering for a midwife from a medical background. It makes me want to shout out about how to be a natural birth midwife from the rooftops! I didn't really feel I had a place as a midwife, and for me this course has created a safe, normal place for women and midwives.
– Juantia Mackenzie
I can now say, as Manager of the Eastern Cape's Maternal and Child Health programme, that becoming a Certified Sensitive Midwife is the right way to prevent complications and embrace a midwife's real role. If she does this course, she won't need to become an Advanced Midwife! I feel so empowered and ready to take this knowledge to my community when I leave public service in the near future.
– Nondi Gaba
Even as an Independent Midwife, this course taught me that the calmer the mom, the better the birth; the more respected the mother-baby postpartum bonding time, the better the postnatal adjustment will be. While I monitor and support her, I can now confidently step back and let her experience unfold.
– Michelle van der Westhuizen
The course imparted 20-30 years of Sister Lilian's wisdom, and gave me trust in natural birth, in women being built for it. I now trust that getting back to basics and making the meaning of 'midwife' – with woman – central is what is important, even as a direct-entry trained Dutch midwife. If you want to know more about real midwifery, register for this course.
– Else Vooijs
And it gets better, because you're getting these bonuses!
Bonus #1: The Sensitive Midwife Manual (Value: R10,000+)

An amazing resource you can keep for life!

A combination of both the older research plus new research, this manual is time-tested with easy to find answers for 6 months, a year, or whatever down the line.

It really is priceless due to the depth and breadth of the information. It's Sister Lilian's whole life experience and Sensitive Midwifery's IP together with a midwife specialist's experience, all mixed with time-tested old and new research.
Bonus #2: Practical Handouts for Moms (Value: R3,000)

Saves you time from explaining, equips and empowers the moms, and grows the trust.
  • Warning Signs in Pregnancy
  • Perineal Massage
  • Nursery Needs
  • Pregnancy Nutrition
  • Birth Bag Basics
  • Sample Birth Plan
  • Latching Tips
  • Gentle Weaning Programme
Bonus #3: Personalised Coaching (Value: R20,000)

This will be an hour LIVE Q&A session every week during the 20 weeks duration of the course.

So you can get your questions answered live, or if you can't make the live calls, you can pre-submit your questions and watch the replay in the members platform.
How much is this going to cost?
Well, consider this.

If we look at the cost of ongoing education. What does it cost to further your studies, doing a post-basic education? I conveniently forgot what I paid for my masters and my PhD...

But you can fill it in...

And then there is the cost of travelling to classes and even perhaps the cost of losing your job as they might not want to release you for your studies.

I did the long detour myself, and of course I learned heaps in the process.

But it cost me lots and lots of time and money.

Knowing what I know now, is that what midwives really need more than anything else, is to truly understand and know how to facilitate natural, normal birthing, THE SENSITIVE MIDWIFE WAY!

I want to provide you the short cut, to get straight to that goal.

Remember, we can handle 85-90% of women if we can get it right! And that is why I want you to journey with me for the next five months.

So when you decide to enrol in this, choose the Sensitive Midwife-Way Approach that you've heard me talk about, you can get access to everything that I just mentioned on this page for just one payment of R8 500.

You have seen that the bonuses alone are worth WAY more than the course itself.

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So if you want to:

+ Become the confident, independent midwife you always wanted to be

+ Leave the Midwife-Misery behind and...

+ Discover how the 'Sensitive Midwife-Way Approach' will leave you feeling positive, taking consistent action, and facilitating change in an effortless way all around you

Then this course is perfect for you.
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Don't even make up your mind right now.

Just go ahead and enrol in The Certified Sensitive Midwife Course today, and try it out.

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It is decision time.

You're standing at the crossroads.

Of the two roads before you, the one on the left is the road you've been traveling a lot... it's rough, uphill, rocky, and full of pain and toil.

On the right, the road less traveled.

It's smooth, paved, and proven to be the easiest way to become a Confident Independent Practising midwife today

Choose the right road. Let's walk that road together.

Dr. Margreet Wibbelink

P.S. One year from today, you will certainly "arrive". The real question is... Where?

If you wanted to be somewhere different than where you are now, you'll have to do something different than what you're currently doing. Take the first step toward a different future, and enrol today.
Frequently Asked Questions
Do I need to be a qualified Midwife to take this course?
Yes! This course is designed for qualified Midwives and will be building on the base knowledge you have already. It will deal with all those matters you don't find in the text books.
What if I can’t pay everything at once?
We understand that it might be a stretch to pay the full tuition fee in one payment which is why we have a convenient payment plan which means you can get started today for just R1,700.
When are we starting this course and how long will it take?

We will be starting on Tuesday, 6 July 2021 with a live lecture from 1–2pm. If you can't make it then, you can view the lecture in your own time.

It would be best to watch the lecture live on Tuesday, or within a couple of days, as we are doing a live Q&A on Thursday, 8 July 2021 from 7–8pm. You can submit your questions to me beforehand or engage with me during the live Q&A. This discussion will also be available to view afterwards, should you have to miss the live session and/or you want to brush up on this topic at a later stage.

This will be the format for the entire course, made up of five modules with four sessions each. This amounts to five months, with a weekly hour-long lecture and subsequent Q&A session.

Can I do the course at my own time and or pace?
Yes of course. All the lesson replays and course downloads will be available in our members portal. We do however recommend that you do the course live with us as that will be how you will get the most value. However, if that is not possible for you, you can definitely do the course at your own pace.
Will there be any homework or assignments?
There will be a monthly project and test for you to do. If you have done all of them satisfactorily, you will be a Certified Sensitive Midwife by the end of the journey!
Will I get a Certification at the end of the course?
If you finish all the homework and assignments, yes, you will become a Certified Sensitive Midwife and will get a certificate as well as 15 Sensitive Midwifery Points. Sensitive Midwifery Academy is in the process of seeking registration as a CPD provider. In the meanwhile, the Academy has an internal evaluation system for earning on-going Sensitive Midwifery points (SMPs), which we record and keep track of, and provide certification for.
Can I pay via EFT/bank transfer?
Yes! Simply send an email to [email protected] asking for the banking details and then we'll send that right over.
Is there a guarantee?

Yes! Your purchase is 100% protected by our Money Back Guarantee.

Don't even make up your mind right now. Just go ahead and enrol in The Certified Sensitive Midwife Course today, and try it out. Take the full 30 days to see if it's right for you.

If, for any reason, or no reason at all, you are not 100% delighted with this proven time tested, evidence based supportive Midwife-Way Approach...

...then simply shoot us an email for a rapid, no hassle, no questions asked 100% refund.

What if I have technical challenges?

Just let us know if there is anything that you are stuck on - and we will get back to you as fast as we can to sort it. We have never been stumped yet!

I have a different question...

If your question wasn't on the list, just send an email to [email protected] and let me know.

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